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NSW Camp 2021

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Escape the long weekend to the beautiful and peaceful surroundings of Elim Heights Youth Camp. We will be hosting a three-day camp meeting entitled "Saved to Serve", focused on preparing you for service for others!


Join us as we review the wonderful gift of salvation, and the call to serve humanity, redeemed by the blood of Christ.

Camp Highlights

Topics include: Saved by Grace, Debtors to All, How Jesus Worked, A Work for You, Serving Your Family, Serving Your Neighbour, Serving Those In Need.

Planned Activities: Fun and engaging activities equipping you for practical Christian service in your neighbourhood. 

Accommodation Options

Dormitory accommodation with family room options.

Due to loss of assets at Elim Heights Youth Camp from the 2019 bushfires, no loan tents are available. Bring your own tent or caravan if you are not choosing to stay in a dormitory.

June 11th, 2021 4:45 PM through June 13th, 2021 8:00 PM
5760B - 5760D Putty Road
Mellong,, NSW 2765
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Mobile: 0414495838
Landline: (02) 4565 0263
Event Fee(s)
Dormitory (ADULT) $ 132.00
Dormitory (CHILD 5-14 YR) $ 66.00
Dormitory (FAMILY 2A/2C) $ 360.00
Dormitory (FAMILY 2A/3C) $ 420.00
Dormitory (FAMILY 2A/4C) $ 480.00
Tent/Caravan (ADULT) $ 108.00
Tent/Caravan (CHILD 5-14 YR) $ 54.00
Tent/Caravan (FAMILY 2A/2C) $ 300.00
Tent/Caravan (FAMILY 2A/3C) $ 345.00
Tent/Caravan (FAMILY 2A/4C) $ 395.00
Day Visitor Only (ADULT food & facilities) $ 20.00
Day Visitor Only (CHILD 5-14 YR - food & facilities) $ 13.00