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Vanuatu Cyclone Appeal - SDARM South Pacific Union Mission

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17 March 2015

Dear Brethren, Sisters and Friends,
Greetings in Jesus name.
As you may have heard via news and media the Island nation of Vanuatu has been hit by one of the strongest storms ever recorded in the Pacific last Friday evening, 13 March 2014. The result is major damage, devastation, some injury and loss of life.  Cyclone Pam has caused devastation in Port Vila, the nation’s capital, as well as the outlying islands.
Vanuatu has population of over 250,000 people and has many islands, approximately 70 which are inhabited. The Reform Movement was established in Vanuatu in 2002 and today there around 100 members. 
Contact has been established with our brethren in Port Vila and we thank the Lord there is no reported injury or loss of life among them and our two church buildings have not suffered any major storm damage. According to the information we have so far, there has been loss or damage to at least three houses of our brethren as well as damage to crops and property.
Due to damage caused to infrastructure and communications, it may be some time before contact can be made with the outlying islands and find out how our brethren  in those areas are and assist them. But we are sure they will be needing physical assistance with food, water and restoring or rebuilding their homes and churches. For this reason we are asking for your assistance. 
A number of people have asked how they can help. At this stage we are making this initial appeal for monetary help – the welfare department leader of the South Pacific Union Mission lives in Vanuatu and further updates and assessment of the situation will become available as communication becomes re-established. We will update you as soon as further information will become available.
Thank you for your assistance and prayers at this time.
Yours in the Blessed Hope,

Benjamin Thiel
President, South Pacific Union Mission
Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement

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